Hypertext Essay

The field I want to get into is films, in particularly, I want to be a filmmaker of some sort or be creating some sort of content. The film, television and even the online industries are very hard to get into and once I complete my bachelor of media degree at La Trobe I understand that I won’t be able to simply walk right into a job. There isn’t one specific way to break into the industry but creating pathways and putting myself in a position to make connections and form networks is both the best and most logical way to go about it.

Obviously the first and most logical thing to do would be to finish my degree at La Trobe and to really get as much out of La Trobe as possible. Making friends and establishing connections with the people in my lectures and tutorials is a good starting point because you never know who can be of use in the future. I could also take part in the La Trobe program Short Flicks”, whether that is submitting a script to get made or making a script myself. This will further in my experience in the field and help in developing local connections.Looking into Australian directory websites such as Encore, The Production Book or The Black Book in order to access list of production companies and producers themselves so that I can directly approach them and try to forge a connection with them in some way whether that be an apprenticeship of some sort or volunteering. Basically doing whatever means necessary.

Many Film Festivals offer volunteer work. Such festivals as The Melbourne Film Festival, Melbourne Underground Film Festival, St.Kilda Film Festival Or Melbourne Web Fest are all well known festivals that are a way to meet people with similar interests and goals, which may lead me into something further down the track.

Directly applying for jobs would be another great way to get involved. Obviously applying for whatever jobs are being offered is beneficial, even if it might not be exact job I want, it is a great way to learn and gain experience as well as having something on the resume. ScreenArts Hub, Australian TV jobs or Grapevine jobs are all employment sites that I can regularly check.

Keeping informed and up to date with the industry by signing up for newsletters is beneficial. I can do this through some of the agencies previously mentioned, but also another great media website is IF. Not only can I sign up for these newsletters, but most of these agencies have Facebook pages and twitter accounts which I can follow and have all the news regularly coming to my feeds.

Involving myself in the industry with the organizations mentioned, it will help me to better understand myself and what role I want to play within the industry. And when that time comes, I will be in a better position than most with having created a series of personalized networks.


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