Networked Storytelling

Wireframe:  Screen Shot 2015-09-11 at 3.42.00 pm

Select Character – Person 1, Person 2, Person 3, Person 4.

Person 1 gets a call from work- Answer call–>Go to work.
– Ignore call–>Go to class.

Person 2 is in bed. Alarm goes off- Ignore alarm–>Stay at home
– Heed alarm–> Go to class.

Person 3 leaves café- Go left–>Fall down stairs
– Go straight ahead–>Safely arrive at class.

Person 4 reaches for drink- Select poison–>Accidentally die.
– Select coffee–>Get to class.


Initially it was difficult to work out each storyline because we had conflicting ideas about how to make them work. We eventually straightened them out and decided to film individually and in first person to make the assignment easier with less nonsense to worry about. Overall I enjoyed this assignment, it was the first time I had ever made a film like this and also my first time using annotations in YouTube, so I am glad I was able to learn something new.


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