Transmedia assignment

For the transmedia project I decided that I would make a film of my friends skating. I’m not a skater myself, so over a week or so I would go to the skate park with my friends and I’d record them doing tricks. I decided to turn the final product into a trailer. This was because I was using only the best footage I got from my friends, so it made sense to turn it into trailer.

For this film I couldn’t plan it simply because I didn’t know exactly what shots I would use. I approached this film with a strong sense of spontaneity, I wanted to use whatever looked and felt good to me. I used one of my friends hand held cameras as well as sometime using a phone. Some of the shots even have a fish-eye lens, a lens that is commonly used in skateboarding videos. I edited the final product using Final Cut Pro 7.

gs logo

The transmedia aspect of the project would obviously begin with making a website for the film. Then I would also make a Facebook, Twitter and Instagram account for the film. These three websites are the biggest websites in terms of social media, and it is crucial nowadays to have whatever the product is over these three sites as it can help in advertising.

Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 4.07.08 pm

Second of all I would create a poster and put them all around the community, as well as upload them to each social media page. Considering the film is about skateboarders at the Greensborough skate park, I would especially put them around the Greensborough area. On the poster is a QR code which would link to the official website of the film. On the official website again would be links to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


As well as these sites I would also make an app, which would be compatible for Internet use and would be on the official website. Many movies develop apps before the movie comes out as a way to further promote the movies and get as many people as possible to be informed that the movie will be coming out. The app itself would be a skateboarding game in a similar style to crazy taxi. Crazy Taxi is a game where you control the taxi by moving left, right or jumping over the obstacles (cars), this with a limited time, although time is increased once you get to the checkpoints. This was a very popular game back when I was younger.


Crazy Taxi

Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 4.08.33 pm

Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 3.49.47 pm


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